Sylvia Sukop [nonfiction artist]
Mornings/Evenings (My Father)I forget myself (I forget you)Black Light Los AngelesBlack Light Los Angeles: StadiumOil and WaterInnocence/ExperienceSigns and WondersAlex, AmenBoulevard Without Borders
Untitled (Memorial Day)DailiesChron
A fine art photographer faithful to the documentary tradition, I am exploring what that means in the digital era. I am also a writer of journalism and creative nonfiction working on my first book. See Writing/Links.

Oil and Water is a recent series inspired by Los Angeles gas stations in the rain.

View other experimental digital work: Black Light Los Angeles and I forget myself (I forget you). This website includes selected projects since 2000. Earlier work, from the 1980s and 90s, has not yet been digitized.

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